How To Add Someone To a Facebook Page as Admin or Business Manager


How To Add Someone To a Facebook Page

Are you Create a New Business Facebook Business Page ? If you Create a Facebook Business or Personal Page and want to know How To Add Someone To a Facebook Page as admin or moderator  or editor or advertiser you can do it easily.

How To Add Someone To a Facebook Page

If you want to add someone to your Facebook page Then follow a few steps. You can do this by following a few simple steps.

1. Firstly go to and open the page where you want to add admin or business manager. If you want You can click directly on this link Click Here

2. After selecting the specific page you have to click Page "Settings" Option from left bottom side.

3. After that click "Page Roles" Options

4. Type a name or a friend's email under the "Assign a new Page role" section. After selecting the person whom you want to make admin or business manager you have to select Page Role. If you add this person as your page admin you have to select admin or if you want to add this person as editor or moderator than select it. After that click add button.

After clicking the add button you have to enter your Facebook account password to protect your account.

A request will be sent to the person you are adding to become an admin, and as soon as he receives it, he will become an admin on your page.

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